Nemesys RS232 Library Documentation

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The goal of this library is to provide the Nemesys user with an Application Programming Interface (API) for access to the Nemesys high precision syringe pumps via RS232 protocol. This API is a kind of "Example Implementation" that should guide the user through the process of implementing the serial Nemesys RS232 protocol for a specific hardware platform. The whole code is written in ANSI C and so it should be possible to use parts of this API or even the whole source code in own projects.

For RS232 communication this library uses a hardware independent device driver - the Common Serial Interface - CSI. If you would like to use the RS232 library, you need to implement the CSI library hardware driver.

The serial protocol for Nemesys device access differs from older to newer devices. If you would like to control older devices such as Nemesys Low Pressure, Mid Pressure, High Pressure or Nemesys XL then the Nemesys V1 API is the right choice for your. If you target newer devices such as Nemesys S and Nemesys M, then you need to use the more recent Nemesys V4 API.