Additional user defined error codes


+ Collaboration diagram for Additional user defined error codes:


#define ERR_ABORT   0x0200
 user aborted something
#define ERR_DATA_EXIST   0x0208
 Object, data or instance already exists.
#define ERR_DEVCFG   0x0204
 invalid device configuration
#define ERR_DEVSTATE   0x0205
 wrong device state for this operation
#define ERR_ERROR   0x0202
 common unspecified error
#define ERR_EXCEPTION   0x0203
 application has thrown an exception
#define ERR_LISTEMPTY   0x0206
 could not execute an operation because of an empty list
#define ERR_NO_DATA   0x0207
 No data available.
#define ERR_PARAM_RANGE   0x0201
 value range of parameter exceeded
#define ERR_PLUGIN_LOAD   0x0209
 Plugin loading error - plugin not found or plugin is not a valid shared library.
#define ERR_READ_ONLY   0x020A
 Write access to read-only data.