CETONI SDK Documentation

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The CETONI SDK is a package of shared libraries (DLLs) for control of all CETONI devices. Each single library controls a certain device class. All device DLLs are glued together by a common labbCAN Bus DLL. This labbCAN Bus DLL hides the real physical connection of the devices from the user and presents a "software bus" to the application engineer. All devices that are supported by these device DLLs are attached to this "software bus". Whenever a user wants to control a device he always needs the labbCAN Bus DLL because this DLL manages the imaginary "bus" and provides common device independent functions. The labbCAN Bus library offers a device independent, clean and well defined API to control the attached devices in a common way independent from the physical bus.

The following types of devices are currently supported by the CETONI SDK library:

The following picture illustrates the architecture of the CETONI SDK libraries.


The CETONI SDK shared libraries provide a native C API for using the object oriented device libraries. It is essentially a set of C wrappers for the C++ class member functions. The intention is to provide an API for programming languages that do not support an object oriented interface like Visual Basic or National Instruments LabVIEW. This C API also forms the base for the CETONI SDK LabVIEW integration that is based on the Windows DLLs that are compiled from this C API.

Depending on your operating system you should continue with: