CANopen Data link layer errors


+ Collaboration diagram for CANopen Data link layer errors:


#define ERR_CANO_DLL   0x0300
 CAN Data link layer error.
 CAN arbitration lost - this is not really an error, its more an event.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_BAUDRATE   0x0318
 Desired baud rate is not supported by this CAN interface.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_BUF_OVERFLOW   0x0320
 CAN controller buffer overflow error.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_BUS_OFF   0x0306
 CAN "bus off" error occurred.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_CAN_ERR   0x0309
 a CAN bit or frame error occurred
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_CAN_HW_REMOVED   0x0322
 CAN hardware has been removed. Either a USB connector has been unplugged or there is another problem with the CAN hardware.
 Accessing socket of CAN interface.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_CFG   0x0315
 Configuration of CAN interface device failed or configuration not supported.
 Error loading CAN controller device driver.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_ERR_PASSIVE   0x0305
 CAN "error passive" occurred.
 if CAN hardware is detected but could not be used or initialized
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_HW_NOT_FOUND   0x0311
 if CAN hardware could not be found - i.e. when detecting USB devices
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_HWERR   0x0301
 hardware error of CAN controller
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_HWSWERR   0x030E
 Function could not be performed because of CAN interface hard- or software errors.
 can not send message because CAN hardware is not initialized
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_OVERRUN_RX   0x0307
 overrun in CAN RX queue or hardware occurred
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_OVERRUN_TX   0x0308
 overrun in CAN TX queue occurred
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_PARA   0x0314
 CAN interface: Calling parameter(s) is (are) not correct or out of range.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_PHY_FAULT   0x030B
 General failure of physical CAN layer detected (if supported by hardware)
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_PHY_H_FAULT   0x030C
 Fault on CAN-H detected (Low Speed CAN)
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_PHY_L_FAULT   0x030D
 Fault on CAN-L detected (Low Speed CAN)
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_RES   0x030F
 CAN interface resource error - The resource limit exceeded at creation of a queue or something else.
 no message received because RX queue of CAN controller is empty
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_SUPP   0x0313
 CAN interface function is not supported this way.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_TIMEOUT   0x0319
 timeout executing CAN interface operation
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_TX   0x0310
 A CAN message couldn't be sent for a long time - cable error, wrong baud rate etc.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_TXFULL   0x0302
 TX queue of CAN controller is full.
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_WARNING_RX   0x0303
 CAN TX error counter (TEC) reached warning level (>96)
#define ERR_CANO_DLL_WARNING_TX   0x0304
 CAN RX error counter (REC) reached warning level (>96)
#define ERR_CANO_TX_NOT_CONNECTED   0x0333
 A CAN message couldn't be sent because the CAN interface is not initialized or not connected.