labbCAN Pump API


Pump specific functions for various pump types.

This module defines common labbCAN pump specific functions, identifiers and data types for driving labbCAN conform pumps (syringe pumps, tubing pumps) that are attached to a labbCAN software bus.

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See Pump Library for a detailed introduction and general overview of labbCAN pump library.
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 Auxiliary Functions
 Common pump specific auxiliary functions.
 Continuous Flow Functions
 Functions for creation and control of continuous flow pumps.
 Force Monitoring Functions
 This group contains functions for controlling the force monitoring, reading the force sensor and setting a custom force limit for pump devices that support this functionality such as Nemesys S and Nemesys M.
 Pump API Initialisation
 API specific initialisation functions.
 Pump Configuration
 Functions for configuration of pump parameters and pump SI units.
 Pump Control
 Functions to control the pump parameters like flow and volume.
 Pump Drive Control
 Functions to control and maintain the drive that drives the pump.
 Pump SI units
 Defines common SI units for volume and flow rate for all pump devices.
 Pump Status
 Functions to query the actual pump status, flow and volume.
 Pump Valve Control
 Functions to access the optional valve that may be assigned to a certain pump device.
 Time-triggered dosage
 Functions to configure and control time-triggered dosage.
enum  eSwitchingMode { SwitchingCrossFlow }
 Supported continuous flow switching modes. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Supported continuous flow switching modes.


Cross fade flows of both pumps.